Cluster Hire
The only service created for multiple positions or cluster hires. It is designed to eliminate expensive multi-place advertising. One low fee sources candidates for multiple positions. It combines passive candidate research and mining of Academic Keys million plus database. You reach more of the best candidates and referral sources faster than high cost conventional advertising.
  • Job description assistance
  • Recruit and advertise
  • Diversity advertising
  • Research likely candidates
  • Follow-up with interested candidates and nominees

Your search committee reviews candidate materials, selects semi-finalists and moves quickly to the interview process.

Additional options help your search committees to accelerate the search and save time:
  • KeySearch/Cluster Hire Hybrid - This joint approach reaches both active and passive candidates expeditiously.
    In addition to the custom search services above:
    1. Initial meeting between Academic Keys and search committee and leadership. The meeting may be in person, phone, or electronically. During this meeting, we develop a thorough understanding and consensus with the search committee and leadership on the requirements of the position:
      • qualifications
      • characteristics
      • experience
      • soft and hard skills
    2. Our researchers use the material from the initial profile development meetings to selectively contact passive and active candidates fitting the university's needs. We then market the position and the institution to prospective candidates via phone calls, emails, and outreach through personal and professional networks. Highly effective, these efforts require significant time for research, outreach, and follow-through marketing of the position and institution that universities do not normally have.
  • Cluster Hire + Review candidate materials for minimum requirements
    In addition to Custom Search services above, our team of experienced search consultants review candidate materials, identifying candidates with the qualifications and experience meeting your minimum specifications. Your search committee only reviews candidates qualified for the position, saving precious time and shortening searches.
  • Cluster Hire + Full evaluation of candidates
    In addition to Custom Search services above, our consultants review applicant materials, identifying candidates with qualifications and experience meeting your criteria. Included are recommendations and reasons for selecting candidates. With this information, committee members can quickly assess candidates.