An Executive Search Service


  by Academic Keys

Key Steps

The steps of the process are outlined below. For additional detail, please refer to the example timeline.

KeySearch Executive Search Includes:

  1. Meet with selection committee, advisory council, senior leadership (academic and managerial), human resources and other appropriate constituents to determine position/candidate profile including: qualifications, personal characteristics, campus culture, job description/job description draft, strategic direction and timeline.
  2. Assist with position description.
  3. Develop search timeline, schedule and budget.
  4. Develop the search process and candidate outreach strategy.
  5. Incorporate diverse candidate sourcing strategy if desired.
  6. Begin recruiting, advertising and outreach campaign.
  7. Build candidate pool.
  8. Conduct pre-qualification interviews.
  9. Develop list of qualified candidates. A list of the qualified candidates, along with complete documentation and justification for our recommendations, is provided electronically to the institution.
  10. Search committee to review candidates and advise Academic Keys of semifinalists.
  11. Academic Keys to provide references and background checks on semifinalists. Academic Keys provides written reference checks based on a pre-determined set of criteria.
  12. Set up and train search committee on utilization of CASS CAndidate Selection Software. This central search management software is designed to sort and analyze candidates. CASS will enable the committee to quickly determine the best candidate. This valuable tool is included at no additional cost.