An Executive Search Service


  by Academic Keys

KeySearch™: Recruitment of senior faculty and administrators in higher education at a cost significantly less than traditional executive searches.

For more than a decade, Academic Keys’ job board has provided 98% of the top universities worldwide with exceptional candidates. Academic Keys has now introduced KeySearch, a highly-customized alternative to standard executive searches.

KeySearch uses proprietary search and advertising tools and our database of nearly one million faculty and senior administrators. Our database is used extensively by search firms around the world. With this data base, search tools, and proprietary methodologies, successful searches are completed in less time and at less cost.

KeySearch Service Includes:

  • In-depth institution/candidate analysis
  • Job description assistance
  • Fully executed advertising and outreach campaigns
  • Diversity campaigns (if desired)
  • Personalized outreach to uniquely qualified candidates
  • Candidate pre-qualification and vetting and background checks
  • Experienced higher education recruitment team

Our skilled team is rich in higher education and recruitment experience, and will provide exceptional research, analytical, and administrative support.

Academic Keys’ team includes former Presidents, Vice Presidents, Provosts, Deans and Executive HR Directors. We work exclusively with colleges, universities and related organizations assisting with senior-level recruiting. With extensive contacts in higher education, we can assemble a top-tier group of candidates to meet the specific needs of our clients, regardless of the nature of the assignment.

For quality and responsive search services, contact us by phone at 860-656-6214 or email (